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Our studio. Unlimited possibilities.

Your film studio in Gärtnerplatz, situated in the heart of Munich. A stone's throw from the bustling city centre and the idyllic Isar river. Perfectly accessible by public transport with the U-Bahn station Fraunhoferstraße, located a mere 100 metres away with tram lines, buses and S-Bahn also within walking distance. If travelling by car, parking is available within the inner courtyard, right at our doorstep.

Fast. Flexible.

Our air-conditioned studio is suitable for sound recording and equipped with a built-in white infinity cove, interchangeable to green screen, blue screen, or black backdrops. With the diverse pre-installed dimmable Bi-Color LED softbox panel or fresnel lights for daylight or tungsten lighting, the studio is ready for action in just minutes.
Another highlight is our backlighting with RGB LED softbox panels, which provide cool color effects, color gradients, and moods with
2700k - 9999k and many preset effects.
For your video feeds or live streaming and webcast projects from the studio, our Fibre Channel network guarantees reliable and secure transmission.
Additionally, we offer you complete packages with a camera crew, streaming, lighting, sound and recording equipment for all formats as well as studio equipment like Autocue prompter, GFM quad dolly with mini Jib and tracks, Skater dolly and much more. All guaranteed to
ensure a relaxed and stress-free production.

Reliable and speedy Avid or Adobe CC post-production, as well as media duplication, is available in-house. For our casting clients we offer an express upload and streaming service, which allows you to share your casting selection here in Munich and subsequently to your clients worldwide.

A relaxed atmosphere.

The film studio offers a spacious and comfortable lounge with a peaceful outdoor garden. In addition, a beverage contingent with mineral water and juices, coffee, tea and a 5G WiFi hotspot are included. Further dressing and makeup room facilities with a big mirror are available upon request.

Apart from our highly-valued commercial clients, our studio’s relaxed working atmosphere and friendly environment have made it a favourite casting location for such top directors as Caroline Link, Bora Dağtekin, Dominik Graf, Doris Dörrie, Simon Verhoeven, Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Jo Baier, Oskar Roehler and Michael "Bully" Herbig.

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